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Our diverse and well-trained team of IT professionals assists small business owners in identifying, procuring, deploying, managing, and maintaining technology relevant to their business needs. We also provide on-demand IT support.

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IT Consultancy and On Demand IT Support for Small Businesses

What We Offer

"Outsource your IT support to another business and pay only when you need it. Enjoy the freedom of setting up and running a productive and competitive business on a low budget."

On Demand IT Support

Have a team of diverse and well-trained IT support professionals from XTRA Tech on standby for on-demand IT support. With our solution, you can save money by paying for only the hours of service you need instead of maintaining a full-time IT support staff.

End-user Training

Empower your team to innovate and increase productivity with our technology training. We offer trainings on productivity and expert software, as well as general computer use, end-user information security, and cybersecurity.

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